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Blades are certainly tied to a tag...
obviously, but sith swords shouldn't have a tag_blade# (that is unless they call a separate shader, still looking) so, since the blade still appeares in roughly the right place i'm assumeing it's attached to a tag_flash they used for the efx

in the event of there being no tag, the blade is emitted from world origin (0,0,0).
true for jo, but ja seems to set them at the character root (about six inches below the crotch...) that could easily have been a random glitch on my side though.

One day while editing, I forgot to follow one of the steps and ended up having a saber hilt with no blade (no matter what color I picked). There was no need to edit all of the saber blade graphics. I can try and recreate that scenario and see if I can get you your answer. .
thanks, but it's probably only a matter of time until someone writes a omnimod equivalent/etc with them, no sense in makeing my models incompatible in the mean time. there were a few coders with the "japanese fighting" mod, so i might hear back from them when the mp source is realesed.

I don't know why you would need to edit the at all. The saber hilts are displayed on screen as models, not an image as in Jedi Outcast.
right, that's not really what i'm getting at though. the existing sith sword model dosen't call a blade in the menu display, i'm not really sure why though... the tag_flash/blade# catch might not register until your character spawns but that seems unlikely.

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