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Arrow nanceh!

it's a mystery! perhaps it wasn't feral....and it was a mod or supermod or somebody with enough power to either hack into his account or to just find out his password and log in to his account, then close the thread secretly without anybody knowing it was them. thusly, they could get what they wanted, without any conflict, because nobody can confront feral since he's gone and it's supposed to be a "drop-in closing". but alas, the culprit's motive has been discovered by me! ohh yeessss. i'm so close to solving this crime i can almost taste it. and now remains the question...who. is. the mole? is it:

*long list of suspects*

and feral- if it really was you, and you're reading this, please don't post that it was you and ruin the fun.

and if it wasn't feral- don't worry, whoever you are. i'll find out who you are. and when i'll be busted big time. you should be sweating bullets now. i'll find out.....i'll find out....
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