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I get an missing control file error (saber_1.qc) when I try to export as MD3.
That's because you need to generate a QC file before you export it. Tools-->Quake III Arena-->Generate control file

Remove everything but the meshes section and save the QC file. Then export the saber as an MD3.

true for jo, but ja seems to set them at the character root (about six inches below the crotch...) that could easily have been a random glitch on my side though.

Random glitch? Possibly, especially if you've been editing it in a 3D app. I've been having a terrible time with pivot points not maintaining their place is space on export. I ended up with a blade in the same exact spot you mentioned.

right, that's not really what i'm getting at though. the existing sith sword model dosen't call a blade in the menu display, i'm not really sure why though... the tag_flash/blade# catch might not register until your character spawns but that seems unlikely.

blade# does appear in the menu, but I don't know about tag_flash...that could be why you don't see the blade in the menu, because your notion that the sword doesn't have a blade is due to the fact it has no blade#, resulting in the correct look in single play because EFX are being used, but not in multiplay where tag_flash is replaced by a saber blade.
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