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JKA widescreen (and a crash bug in Multi Player)

This is my attempt to get a problem with widescreen and JKA fixed.

Most of the info in this post is available on line (and has been available on line for years now) given that JKA uses the same variables to control a widescreen output as Quake 3A

Posting here because this info might be useful for some players on widescreen computers who want to play JKA in a non-stretched out resolution in its full glory (this works fine in single player mode):

On a personal note : JKA is AWESOME looking in a widescreen with a proper FOV.

The Problem : JKA will crash under multi-player when started with a custom resolution r_mode -1 (in this case a widescreen resolution for widescreen gamers)

This crash bug isn't isolated to notebooks :

I just reproduced it on a desktop (GeForce FX 5900 Ultra + 45.23 WHQL drivers):

to repeat - this will cause JKA to crash every time on Multi Player - but it works great in single player

Set a custom resolution in the command line that's supported by the drivers (in this case for the desktop it was 1280x720)

r_customheight 720
r_customwidth 1280

setting r_mode -1 in the cfg file will let you start up JKA multiplayer in widescreen 1280x720 mode.

Now start a game, and watch JKA crash in the middle of loading a match. It'll page fault or something and you'll be given the option to view the debugging info in Windows XP.

The curious thing is if you start the game with 1280x1024

r_mode 8

and *then* change your in-game resolution to 1280x720

r_mode -1 at the console while in game.

you will not crash, and still be able to play the game in widescreen mode.

I'll have to reiterate again - widescreen works perfectly in single player. and it does sort of work in multiplayer as well.

Note the crash occurs on a GeForce FX 5900 Ultra and a GeForce FX 5650 Go notebook. Given that it's isolated to the MP portion of JKA I'm guessing it's a bug in the game rather than the drivers.
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