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Using SKILLS- To make a skill check, roll 1d10 + Skill modifier (Skill modifier = skill rank + ability modifier + miscellaneous modifiers). The roll is made just like an attack roll or a saving throw. You are either trying to beat a certain DC (Difficulty Class), or beat another player's character check. For instance, Deel could attempt to sneak past a guard's Listen check with his Move Silently check. Skill rank is the number related to the number of skill points a character has invested in a skill. If a character invests 2 skill point in a skill that is within his class, then he recieves 2 rank. However if he invests the same 2 skill points in a skill that is not in his class, he recives only 1 rank.

How SKILLS work- Climb is a Strength skill, so when Rorworr the Wookiee makes a climb check, he adds his rank of 4, his Str modifier of +3, and his species bonus of +2 for a total of +9 (Which is quite good). He then rolls 1d20 and adds his modifier (rank + ability modifier + misc. modifier). The higher the result the better chance of Rorworr successfully climbing the obstacle.


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