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dude.... i hate to be rude and all, but what the HELL are you talking about? i've spent the past 5-odd minutes trying to decipher your post... managed to solidly gather that u declared darth vader as mace windU's slayer....but that's about it. something about mace being on alderaan when the death star destroyed it.... i doubt that's so, though...the jedi were purged long before then. and even then, it was technically grand moff tarkin who ordered alderaan's destruction, not vader.

and obiwan was on TATWEE to PROTECT DARTH VADER?!?! dude..... u must've received some news which excited u the point where u didn't really know what u were typing. hey, it happens y don't u calm down ....and say whatever u wanna say in the thread devoted to discussing a topic similar to this one.

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