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A middle aged man dressed in grey walked in and sat down next to Arc.
“Not having anything to drink?” Arc asked. The man shook his head.
“There is business to discuss. Will you be ready for the…”
“Explosion? Firefight? People running and screaming?”
The man paused.
“That’s not how I would have phrased it but, yes” Arc checked his blasters.
“Sure. When will they attack?" Arc asked.
"In a few hours if they have tracked you acuratley. If there tracers are on the blink then it could be longer. But you are too stay here untill they arrive, kill them and take the blueprints"
Arc nodded.
"I could of just gone to them you know" he said.
"This way works better for us" the Man explained. He then got up and walked out.
Arc took a data screen from his belt and began searching for info on people in the area he could get to help him. He hoped nobody had heard his employer, otherwise things could turn nasty... well nastier anyway.

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