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Originally posted by Darth-Ra
ok so far all questions i had about using npc models instead of player model and making it appear in cutscenes is nice and dandy, but is there a way to make it appear by default each new level load or save game load, without replacing the actual .glm from jedi_hm, jedi_hf, jedi_tf, jedi_zf, jedi_rm, and jedi_kdm?? Anyone figured it out yet??
The player model in cinematics uses the same console cvars as you do when you spawn into a level. So as long as the cvars have the proper values in them, you'll look correct in the cinematics. I think the cvars are g_char_model and g_char_skin? Something like that. And g_char_color_red, g_char_color_blue and g_char_color_green? Obviously, the best way to achieve this is to use the custom player menu to set the proper values and they'll propogate into the game correctly. I'm not sure, exactly, what you have to do to make a new playermodel available, but I'm pretty sure the existance of a valid playerchoice.txt in the directory is what the custom player menu uses to know whether it should list that model as a player model.

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