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Just as an update, I grabbed All Seeing Eye after reading some responses on this thread and it works bloody brilliantly. I now see about 400 servers instead of 40, at least 50 of which are below 100ms ping (compared to about 3 in the ingame browser).

I thought it would be annoying having to boot in and out of the game every time I wanted to join a new server, but it really isn't. I was spending at least three times as much time finding a server on the ingame list that actually worked.

The only thing that bugs me about ASE is that it doesn't seem entirely obvious what the gametype and settings of a server are before you join it, unless it says in the server name. Other than that, brilliant. Kind of reminds me of the olden days of Gamespy3d (before the ads, the logins, the website, and all that rubbish).
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