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Hi, i was just wondering if there was a possible way of editing the saber block % in Single Player.

I've done some expermenting on blocking with the saber in different stances. For an example, while in a light stance (blue) it is possible to block almost all blaster fire from multiple targets (I used stormtroopers) while moving or running with a saberdefense of 3. While in meduim (yellow) the block rate is slightly reduced, you might be able to block rapidly from at least 2 targets anymore and you probably will get hit. The same applies to Strong, though it makes more sense from the description of the stance. While in red the abbilty to block projectiles is dramaticly reduced.

Oh and a few other questions.

as you change playermodel to most jedi npcs, you are granted some of there defensive skills. for example playermodel desann. Now whenever anyone atempted to use force_grip on me I automaticly force pushed him away. The same applies to Drain as well. I though this was very cool! Its too bad they don't absorb lightning, like some of the big names do.

I'm loving the experiance im getting from JA so far. JA is more editable then JO, and they have delivered the goods. I hope to see the mod list be as extensive as ones made for Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight.
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