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Originally posted by Lord Sokar

Your server is showing up now. Out of curiosity, how long has your server been online now?
We use the same server host\provider. Mine became active 9/21. Sometimes it is in the ingame browser, but mostly it isn't. Ironically, one of my admins has his own server with the same host\provider, and it has always been in the ingame browser and is almost always full as a result. Before I had my hosted server, I ran a small server from home starting Sept. 17 using the Win32 dedicated server program. It was visible in the ingame browser, but if it crashed and restarted, it became invisible until I did net_restart, then it instantly became visible. Doesn't seem to work with the Linux dedicated server that our host\provider uses. I share your frustration. Fortunately, I have a group of regular players from my JK2 servers who found and Favorited my server, or else it would be pretty lonely there. I suggest you /seta g_MOTD "Use New Favorite to come here again" or something similar so people who find your server know how to come back if it's not visible in the ingame browser. Thank you for beating the drum on this issue. It's up to Raven to fix it as we wait helplessly.
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