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Question Twi'lek


I have made myself a skin in JO using the community made Aayla Secura model (female Twi'lek).

Now that I have JA, I want to reskin the Twi'lek that came with the game using my stuff. That part I have no problems doing (and I understand I'll have to do some heavy modifying, if not start over).

What I'd like to know is can I change this selectable part model (you know, you can pick different heads, torsos, legs) into a "normal" model, if that's even possible... If not, ugh, this crap is complex, I can't believe all the coding in these things!

By the way this is for MP.

Any help would be VERY appreciated, even if it's showing me how to reskin a multi-part-skin (hehe)


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