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Originally posted by ChangKhan[RAVEN]
Well, a lot of the special animations unusual NPCs like the Rancor and Wampa do are completely AI-controlled, they don't go through the normal player-simulating control routines that most of the humanoid NPCs do. Basically, that means you cannot make them do their special attacks. The control an NPC thing was really just supposed to be a neat little gimmick (something thrown in to take advantage of the feature we added in JK2 of being able to remote-control a droid).

But, one piece of good news - you can control Boba Fett's jetpack. All you have to do is hit "jump" while you're in the air (either after running off a ledge or while falling or after you've just jumped). It automatically turns off when you land.
So, would it be possible to create a mod for a custom character model that uses a Fett-like jet pack? And would be possible to set that character model up so that it could use both the jet pack and Force Jump?

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