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Originally posted by ChangKhan[RAVEN]
The player model in cinematics uses the same console cvars as you do when you spawn into a level. So as long as the cvars have the proper values in them, you'll look correct in the cinematics. I think the cvars are g_char_model and g_char_skin? Something like that. And g_char_color_red, g_char_color_blue and g_char_color_green? Obviously, the best way to achieve this is to use the custom player menu to set the proper values and they'll propogate into the game correctly. I'm not sure, exactly, what you have to do to make a new playermodel available, but I'm pretty sure the existance of a valid playerchoice.txt in the directory is what the custom player menu uses to know whether it should list that model as a player model.
I am not sure I understand

I did however, achieve the goal of loading completely new models not part of the game into it through the npc spawn and playermodel console commands, the steps follow below:

Well the only way that works in adding new models is not that hard, first i took an .npc file say luke.npc, then I edited it and gave it (in this example, I used a Mara Jade model from JO and made the changes to the npc, named the header of the npc to mara, and the Playermodel tag to the dir /models/players/mara [in this case just mara as in playermodel mara], then altered some of the attributes like force powers light and dark, and health and startup weapons, then saved the file as mara.npc...added it to ext_data/npcs in a new pk3 file, loaded JA, then typed in playermodel mara and it worked).

Edited: I can load this and other models at a new level, and i can't make it load automatic each new level...Also when i do change to npc character model, save the game, then quit, then come back later, load it and it will be without textures...I still don't understand how to avoid these problems..

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