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I found a new move (maybe some of you alredy know it)
Its a two hand backslash.
You have to do the normal backslash crouched. (crouch+back+atack)
Seems more powerful. Simple.
There is also an helicopter move, you have to press atack when your body is completely upsidedown when you jump back (back+jump+atack)
There are a lot of moves that dont appear in datapad.
Ohh, you can jump while doing a backslash or backstab and it turns into a forward air slash.
I have seen some reborns do a cartwheel to the left, then to the right, in one move.
And also they do some weird backslash.
And there is also a combo when kicks are enable, you forward kick the enemy and inmediately a ground atack, it never fails and its very very fast.
You have to forward kick (JO kicks) and quickly press forward+jump+atack.

And please somebody answer this.

Originally posted by AxVegetA

I have a question.
How do you do those kind of taunts when using rage or protect?
The reborns do it when using rage, and jedi_random when they use protect.
The pics of them are in JA official website, in gameplay, moves.
I have tried to taunt, gloat, flourish and sit when using rage and protect but nothing happens.
The protect one looks very cool though.
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