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Feat prerequisites- Some feats require a certain ability score, skill, base attack, or other feat in order to learn and use that feat. A character can learn a feat at the same level that the aquire the prerequisite. If for some reason you lose a prerequisite, you can no longer use a feat that requires it. For example, if your character is fatigued and his or her strength falls below 13, you can't use the feat Power Attack until your character rests or is healed so that his or her strenght rises above 13 again.

Types of Feats- Most feats are general, or normal, feats. No special rules govern them. Some feats however are Force feats. Force based feats can only be aquired by characters who possess the Force Sensetive feat.

Thank you for being patient and not posting questions until I had finished. Now that this is complete please feel free to post any questions. I just hope I'm not forever known as Mr. DO NOT POST.


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