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bugs, coding limitation?

Hello, I'll try to ask my questions there since this is the saber-related post

Well, I've got two problems involving making multi-bladed weapons.

First, I've make a 3-bladed single saber, looking more like an old scottish claymore with 2 little blades doing a V at the base of the main blade. Well everything is fine, I don't have modeling problems or what... But ingame it is impossible to use this saber as any single saber, because trying to change stance only makes the 2 little blades to draw off. I could play with saberstyle and singlebladesyle in the .sab file but it'll prevent the player from using the 3rd style. So I was wondering if that was a hard-coding limitation? Is it just impossible to make a multi-bladed weapon works like a single saber without doing a mod and reprogramming the stuff?

Second, I've also made a 8-bladed weapon. Looks like a laser spiked chakram, the blades drawing around like sun rays Well this weapon doesn't seem to work ingame. Whenever I try to play with it (a solo mp game), I'm sent back to the main menu with this error message :

"WP_SaberParseParms :
saber single_ckrm [weapon's filename] has
illegal numbers of blades
(8) max : 8"

Well if the max number of blades is 8 as said both in the sabers.sab file and in this message, why can't I get it to work ? I haven't a clue here, and I was thinking about a bug... So Is there a solution to get this weapon to work ingame with 8 blades? It already shows off in the profile menu correctly. I'll stick to a 7-bladed working version for now but I'd like to know how to fix it.

Oh by the way thanks to Psynex for it's useful tutorial. I only imported glm's and everything always went great for me, except that placing the tags with Max in order to get the blades to be in the right direction in jka is kind of a random operation I was also wondering about the use of tag tag_parent as none of the sabers' glms seem to have one...

Ok, I hope anyone can give me a solution, thanks already
see you,
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