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"It seems that there is a saberstype parameter in the .npc entry that can be used to set available saberstyles. Looking through entries for other models, it seems you can set this value up to 7 (could be more). I wanted the player to have blue, yellow and red stances, so I put:

saberstyle 1 // blue
saberstyle 2 // yellow
saberstyle 3 // red

I haven't tried the other values to see what they are, but presumably they are the other stances used by the Reborn and so on. I'm not sure yet if there is a limit for how many different stances a player has."

Yeah, 4 is Desann (heavy 1 handed), 5 is Tavion (fast 1 handed), 6 is dual sabers, and 7 is saberstaff.

"Does this mean I could use only the skin from a npc by deleting all the parameters from the .npc file?

Is it possible to copy the .npc file (without the parameters) as a new skin? This would prevent that the specific npc has no parameters set."

No, you can use the skin from any NPC just fine. Like, say you had a Jedi-Knight level Jaden, and you decide to make the playermodel be Lando - Jaden would look like Lando... and although Lando has no force powers, you will keep all force powers Jaden had before

Any special powers or attributes from an NPC will only be attributed to the player if the player does not have those powers yet - and the powers are additive, not retracted. Atleast from all the playing around I've done.

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