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Well then, Razorace, you did a pretty poor job of explaining it to me in those two pages in the other thread, because I have been convinced that it's a mod for developers mostly.

If you've programmed in C++, you've probably used the STL, Standard Template Library, and you know how incredibly easy and powerful it is, and how much time it saves when programming. I think OJP should be similar to this. Let's fix bugs, make new entities, fix up the AI or vehicles, things which don't alter gameplay, but provide a good base for other developers. You all want to stop lookalike mods, but if you start putting gameplay changes in a mod that's labeled as a base for other developers, guess what, people are going to leave them in there, and mods are going to start looking the same! That's why if you leave out all but the basic balacing fixes, you can leave up originality and creativity up to people who use OJP in their mods, which reduces lookalike mods.

Also, most players aren't going to freely accept the mod if it's going to start seriously mucking with their gameplay. A lot of people like vanilla versions of their games. With my idea, OJP would keep that intact on many servers, but allow for much more advanced levels to be created.

Do you guys understand what I'm saying?

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