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I don't know why we disagreed, but after some chatting, ROP and I seem to have come to an agreement and understanding on what we think OJP should be. I think was partly confused, and just looking at it the wrong way.

I think I can sum it up by describing the two distributions of OJP.

1. The first distribution would be a barebones, streamlined mod for developers and players. For developers, it would include all the bugfixes, AI enhancements, and anything else that mappers could use in their levels. The only gameplay modifications would be balance fixes and bugs, things that everyone would agree on. Not everyone would want jetpacks or mouse sabering, we can leave that to the second distribution.

Think of this one as a stable base for both mappers and players, but modders could use it too, especially if their mod has nothing to do with what's described in distribution 2. What was really cool about the original JK was that you could have new maps that had totally new code, and could be played with any mod. In most cases, it was something basic in concept, like a new type of elevator, a trap of some sort, etc. You can't really do that in JO without a mod, which means you can't be playing other mods while playing the level. With OJP, we can code for the mappers (on demand of what's needed in the community), we can add versatile, modular and flexible systems that fit any mapper's needs.

This lets you play really sweet maps with still a (basically) vanilla game. No major gameplay modifications, just fixes and better maps.

2. This distribution is designed for more serious changes. It's a superset of distribution 1, it includes all it has, and more. Again, every new feature has to be really versatile and adaptable. Examples could be, say, a dual wield weapon system, mouse sabering, LMS, a player class system, etc. You'd still keep most if it basic, no shockingly specific gameplay alterations, just good features that a lot of modders would want, and can adapt them to their own stuff. And because it's a superset of the first distribution, you can still run all the maps.

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but cool features in maps is really important to me. JO kind of limited you on this, and although JA is better because of scripting, it is not perfect. It's probably because I spent so many years in the original JK, I came to really love and understand the potential maps can have. With OJP and all mods based on it, you can have a map with all kinds of cool stuff that works in any mod.

As far as copy cat mods, I'm not really worried any more. Again, I remembered back to the original JK, and everything was open source, because code and hardly anything else was stored in other than ASCII. But it was never a problem! Rarely was work stolen, and if it was, it was just taken down by request of the author. I think the main reason for copy cat mods in JO is that everyone was too busy trying to fix the bugs and the balance issues, and trying to create what they thought JO should have been. The first distribution fixes that on the most basic level. No more bugs, no more balance issues, just vanilla gameplay. The second one doesn't cause the copy cat issues I thought it might earlier, because if the fundamental issues are solved, people are going to start working on the more important stuff.

So, what do you guys think? Are we all clear on this?

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