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That's great, ROP. Try to get us a private forum, too.

We can host our source code at a place like Freerepository or Asynchrony, but I think having our forums and web space right here with the community is not only convenient, but functions as an ad, too.

Which brings me to my next point, advertisement. It's going to be a while before everyone accepts the mod and it becomes widespread. I think if we can get big mods like the DF mod and AotCTC to use OJP, the words "Built on OJP!" or whatever would give us a lot of publicity. I'll talk to the rest of the DF mod team, and see what they have to say. I'm pretty sure they'll agree, especially because they need the AI. Also, any code they develop could be a great boon to us, and consequently the rest of the community.

Another great example for my map thing is co-op or other gameplay modes. We can code those in, and it would make it really easy for people to make co-op or whatever kind of gametype maps. I can't imagine the popularity we would get from co-op, you've got no idea how many people want something like that! Especially if we go recreate the ents from SP, like verbatum, hopefully it could be possible to boot up most all SP maps into MP and play them. I already tried, and it actually ran, but was just missing entities.

Edit: I'll start working on a page layout and the graphics for it, more on that tonight.

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