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ok,i've made some (very minor) progress with the swords; they spawn a standard blade w/normal tag config and use the saber/ swordtrail shader, which is basicly a more jagged analogue of saberblur, the only real difference is that they don't seem to apply a base color to it(...or emit a glow line, or cast background lights...). so at this point it looks like coding is the only real option, unless there's a hidden saber color variable.
i'm looking into the new push effect at the moment(thinking along the lines of a devil may cry-esque sword trail... probably won't work but worth checking).

jo: shuriken set(4), melee pack (var. sino-japanese weapons*13), yogen set (torinoko/etc*4).
ja: kiriai (mumei kiyoshige katana, osefune tadamitsu katana, '44 model shin-gunto, modern kunai w/effects/sounds/blood)
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