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Originally posted by Lord Sokar
Right now, it's a crap shoot and there doesn't seem to be much we can do about it except hope for the best.

I understand your frustration. I was wondering why I was paying for a server no one came to, now I'm having a problem getting in my damn self.
If your server is really that busy (and congratulations if it is!), add
seta sv_PrivateClients "1"
seta sv_PrivatePassword "yourpassword"
to your server.cfg file. That way your server will allow 15 players with one reserved 16th slot for you or anyone you give the password to. Select your server (I assume it's in your Favorites), click the Password label in the lower left corner of the screen, enter the password, click Done, then Join as usual. That way you will always be able to get into your server, even when it is "full".
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