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Re: More Hilts 1.1a

Originally posted by Forceflow_tap
Well, it's up. Me and my friend finally finished the thing.

ChangKhan[RAVEN], if you read this, I'd like your help with trying to fix the saber tags for the "Glory of the Sith" Sword and the "Sith Scepter", since I enabled them for hilts in single player and multiplayer. The blades are slightly off-center, and I really want them to be properly placed and aligned...

As for everybody else, if you use my mod, you can pick a red lightsaber in single player now. If you want to use my coding for that, just give me credit for it in your mod or e-mail me to ask for permission.

Have fun with it, everybody. Hope you'll all look forward to "More_Hilts Version 1.2".
I've been chatting via email with ChangKhan[Raven] and he's mentioned that a new MD3View tool was used because the JO viersion did some strange tag changing where the blade is 90 degrees off its axis. Hopefully he'll be able to get us that updated tool.

As for the misalignment, that's a pivot point problem. At least with the current version of MD3View. It seems to grab some lingering info from the MD3 that uses a tags ORIGINAL pivot point position, even if the pivot has been realigned. I created tags using splines, then moved the pivot point in line with the shorter end of the triangle. Once viewed in MD3View though, the blade was off base to where the pivot for that tag was originally located, which was at the center of the tag. So if you just reset the tags pivot point and move it to where the blade should be you will be ok; even if the short end of the tag isn't in line with where the blade should be; because the pivot point is what's actually controlling things.
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