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About check in's and out's

I think whatever CVS we end up using should have some kind of check-in / check-out system. (If it doesn't have that, it won't be a very good one...!)

That doesn't mean only one person can modify a file at a time. If the CVS is good, it should allow 'multiple' check-outs - which means more than one person can have any one file checked out at the same time.

This gives the CVS extra information (person A checked out the file before person B etc.) it needs to do a LOT of the merging duties automatically. We will still need to do some manual merging in particular cases, but hopefully this should be reduced to a minimum if the CVS is good....

So, if at all possible, I'd make that one of our criteria for whatever CVS we go for - the capacity for multiple check-outs...

As a second priority, it would be handy if the CVS gave us the control to say file A can be checked out multiple times, but file B CANNOT. This can make merging easier if conflicts in particular files end up being particularly nasty.

One example in MFC programming of this we've found at work is we never let the resources.h and .rc files be multiple checked-out. Because there are bound to be conflicts, and trying to merge changes back together in those buggers is a REAL kick in the ballsack!

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