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Well, looks like the term 'multiple-checkouts' is a MicroShaft specific term.
(I mainly use Visual SourceSafe)

In CVS, the equivalent is basically an unlocked system which merges in changes the best it can.

...but since people don't have to 'mark' when they start altering a particular file in the unlocked system, I don't think the auto merge function will be able to get it right as much as the 'multiple check-out' system I'm used to does.

...the end result being we'll have to do a bit more manual merging than I'm used to.

Plus there is no record of who is working on what file! (Is that correct? That gives me shudders!!)

But, looks like this is how it is for online, free CVS - so, oh well!

Looks like it has to be a totally unlocked system then! me the creeps a bit. (It's fairly different to how I'm used to working), but what the hey!

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