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If we do these tests, and we find that it's fairly easy to start writing over other people's changes accidently, I think we may have to consider restricting it to (single) checkout's.

...either that, or discover a new, better - but still free and online - system.

I know, I know - it would end up being a REAL pain in the rectum. We tried to keep it to single (locked) check-out's at work initially - but it turned out to be too much hassle. And we were only 4 of 5 guys who were all sitting in the same room!

Were potentially talking about many more people scattered all over the globe!!

(But remember, at work, we had the alternative of the multiple-checkout system - which is NOT exactly the same as totally unlocked, it's quite different in many important ways...)

But what's worse? Causing people extra hassle when they have to wait to check out a file, or leaving open the possibility of having work totally erased from the respository if people forget to do updates when they should? (And with the number of people potentially working on this - I think it's VERY safe to assume that's going to happen at least ONCE...)

But anyway - we do need to do these tests and see what the deal is. But if there is ANY doubt - I think we HAVE to consider (single) checkouts - i.e. locking the respository...

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