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Also consider this:

With a locked checkout system, individual users don't nessesarily HAVE to wait till that file is checked back in...

You could just go ahead and adjust that file locally anyway - even if it is checked out. Just make sure you mark each of your changes well.

Then - when the other user checks back in the file you need, you make sure the file you were working on is backed up somewhere.
Then you check out the file you need, which means getting the latest file from the repository with all the other users changes.

Then you merge it manually your end - finding all your changes in your backed up file and putting them into the latest file from the repository.

OK - it's more hassle. But at least the repository is SAFE.

...put it this way, I'd personally rather go though the kind of hassle mentioned above than have a potentially unsafe repository...

I know we haven't done the tests yet! But I'm just getting down all the possibilities just in case the tests expose problems with a totally unlocked system...

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