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I totally agree - external files...
...WHERE possible!

But many alterations can't be nice and neatly bundled up in seperate files.

I certainly see very little of the changes meant for Distribution 1 being able to be kept to seperate files.
Maybe more in Dist. 2 could be neatly packaged up in sep. files, but I seriously doubt ALL will...!

If the change requires all sorts of little code changes all over the place, you can't put them in seperate files!

So we need some kind of CVS system. I don't think this is in doubt. THe CVS system is meant to give you the co-ordination you mention - that is it's whole point!

And it obviously works! No big, complex open source project COULD work if CVS didn't!!

Were only talking about the specific details of the setup of the CVS system here...

Safety of the central resository vs. the convinience of the end user.
Personally, I think the safety of the respoitory should get top priority...

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