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i wouldn't name my kid guybrush...especially if it was a girl...

Oh yeah sure and lets name our daughters Elaine
well, i wouldn't have a problem with that...because it would remind me of elaine from seinfeld

elaine: (to saleswoman in expensive store) "uhh...excuse me...i was wondering where you got that mannequin in your window?"

saleswoman: (sounds snotty and has a very european accent, like norwegian or swedish or something) "i don't know."

elaine: "what do you mean you don't know?"

saleswoman: "i don't know."

elaine: "well can't you find out?"

saleswoman: "why do you care?"

elaine: "well, isn't it obvious? this mannequin looks exactly like me!"

saleswoman: "oh please. that mannequin is wearing a twelve-hundred dollar gaultier dress."

elaine: "oh. so what, are you saying i'm not good enough for your cheap little dress? listen...natasha... i wouldn't be caught dead wearing your crummy little euro-trash!"

that "listen...natasha..." part always cracks me up.

i mean, you probably have to watch the episode to get it, but it's hilarious if you've seen it.
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