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I just went into the npc files for all the reborn and cultists and increased their health points. Play arround with it yourself but at about 600 to 800 they can take about as many hits with dismemberment on as they do with normal health and dismemberment off.

Playing around with my personal mod and made some cool things that you all might like. You know how in the cultist.saberist.npc there are like 7 different styles of saberists like saber med throw, saber strong, saber strong throw stuff like that. Well I added Dooku in there as cultist saber throw med, changed the settings for that style to make it more like Dooku. It has a line saberstyle 3 which I changed to saber style 6 the saber styles are 1= blue 2= yellow 3=red 4=med fast 5 =strong fast 6 =dual and 7=staff.
I changed his style to 6 but left him with one saber so when he fights he twirls the saber around his head and swings from the wrist much more which looks just how he fought in the movie. The best part was when I was playing on level vjun2 where you're chasing alora to find rosh, the second last cut sceen where Alora taunts you and there is a cultist that walks slowly into the sceen as she takes off, well it was Dooku And that was the only part of the level where they spawned that npc so it was fully like Dooku was a character meant to be in there.

Anyone wanting to add there own models and change characters in the game really should open all the .npc files and play with em. Tis very cool the things you can do.

I have a question someone might be able to help me with. If I wanted to add Darth Vader into the game as a whole new character (not replacing a skin) is it possible to make a new .npc file say vader.npc and if I put in all the info for him like modelname, saber, forceuse, team class all of the stuff that you find in the other .npc files would I then be able to do the 'npc spawn vader' and have vader spawn? I guess I'll just try it and see what happens but I thought I'd see if anyone knew if it would work first. Cheers all.

Oh yeah I saw someone ask if you could change saber length, yes you can just go into the sabers,sab and you'll see a line saberscale 40 just increase or decrease that number to change the size of the saber.
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