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You're totally right, Psynex, about the alignement of the tags... But I'm still wondering : what about the rotation and blade actual orientation ? I mean, I must still do a lot of tries before finally finding what I want. I tried already : the pivot point is not controlling orientation, only base location of the blade.

There is an embryon of rule though : when modeling with max, if the model appears as front-facing in the left viewport (I don't think i'm clear on this one, I'll put a screenshot... here ) ; So, when you're trying to rotate the blades to fit the blue arrows in the left (1.) viewport, which is rotating the tag using the X axis, you must actually rotate the tag along the Y axis and get what you see in the Front (2.) viewport.

What I would suggest then is to get in the viewport where you want the rotation of the blade, like in my 1. viewport on my screenshot ; set the tag like it is in the screenshot again, that is make it frontside, long edge pointing up (taht's for upside oriented blades) ; reset the pivot point orientation to make everything clear ; find the alignement by rotating the tag on X ; note the X rotation value ; reset the rotation again (back to long edge up) ; set a rotation on Y equal to the one you did on X.
All that make sense when you look at a model in MODview, since the blades are getting aligned and oriented on the -X axis ; it becomes obvious that the rotation must be done on the Y axis.

Yet... It's still not really user friendly Exporting from max to MD3 screws up the tag's rotation a first time, then from MD3 to MODview it is screwed up a second time We will wait for the new releases and see !

Please excuse me if i'm not really clear in my purpose ; but it's getting real late back here and my english is starting to get tired

edit : Well, I've been messing around in Max with positionning and rotating tags. The result can be found there :

A weird looking saber, isn't it ?

What I would say is that such sabers aren't very... Realistic. I don't think the blade can actually bend, or this is a new unknown technology I'd add that making those blades requires constant come and forth between every files and softwares : max, md3view, modview, notepad, jka What's more, red color is strongly recommended as they provide the thinnest blade core... The difference between yellow and red on my screenshot talks for itself.

Second Edit : I know, I know, I'm making a real long post.
But I noticed two little issues : first, where is the lightmap on the ground, on the walls, etc, when you draw you saber out? Well in FFA5 map - Taspir - the lightmap spawns in the middle of the pad, which must be the middle of the map !
Second, the left weapon acts weird when returning to it's idle position after striking : it actually makes a magic full 180 degree rotation in the hand !
Did any of those two strange glitches happen to anyone else's weapon(s) ? Any solution there again ?

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