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Thanks for all your help. It's working now. I made those alterations you suggested. I actually had those lines before, but took the "_off" parts out when I simply couldn't think of anything else to do. The answer seemed to be that and properly aligning the text in the NPC file.
I copied the "Surf0n" and SurfOff" lines from the JediF.npc file and placed them very carefully in the Askani.npc file.
There's still a strange thing, though.
The JediF in Outcast was, as you say, Jan with the vest, chaps etc. turned off via the "SurfOn" and "SurfOff" lines in the NPC file. It appears that that is the intention in JA as well. But every time I spawn JediF I get Jan with full gear on. Even the goggles.
Do you think this means that making the alterations in the NPC file is not enough anymore?
Askani wouldn't work unless I altered both the SKIN and NPC files.
Anyway, thanks again for your time.
Have a good night.
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