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Originally posted by Darth-Ra
For all of you who wish to use the sith scepter, grab the hilt pack from: or get the BMF SP SaberMod (has a nice script to cycle through different sabers including the sith scepter and sword, and some other sabers too) and JK3 Final Hilt Pack (6 megs and no script cyling). Hope this solves your problem.

On another note, the way I have dismemberment set up is add a line in autoexec.cfg (create it if you didn't already do):

You probably better off adding
devmapall and
helpusobi 1
followed by:
set g_dismemberProbabilities "100"
set g_dismemberment "3"
set g_sabermorerealistic "2"
[pick the disired values for the 3 above lines, be careful though with dismemberment]

also adding the command line to the shortcut:

"<DRIVE>:\<Location of Jedi Academy>\GameData\jasp.exe" +set g_sabermorerealistic 2 +devmapall +set g_sabermorerealistic 2

I believe this might work best, but at least it works for me on XP; try one or both and test which of those 2 methods works best...
Your links do not work for me.

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