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I've got a message back from ChrisC3P0.

He says he can give us hosting. He can't set up the forums until the website is up and running. (That's the policy).

So - Emon - you may want to get in touch with Chris directly to sort out the website. Just send him a quick PM I guess.


oooo. Someone who has used a 'normal' CVS system AND VSS. Cool. Maybe you know of a free CVS system appropiate for what were trying to do which has some kind of 'multiple check-out' system - or something equivalent...
(btw - Did my explination of multi checkouts make sense?)

About the 'totally' open thing - well - again, I'll go with the majority. Maybe it's even just a case of not calling them 'rules' as much as 'guidelines' - or whatever.

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