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Suddenly, the room quakes and everyone is thrown to the floor. The glass of liquid Craig was holding suddenly began swirling, to his horror. The liqiud turned into a swirling tornado of smoke, and out of it steps the well-known Death Lord, still wrapped in his dark blue cloak. Without hesitation, he thrusts out his hand and sends Kilmor flying through the air. Everyone hears the sound of glass shattering as Kilmor goes sailing out the window. Bits of glass tinted red with blood fly everywhere.
"You fools, you think you could destory me using that - AAAAHH!!!!"

His words twist into a scream as a glowing blade of light protrudes through his stomach. Someone had snuck up from behind and stabbed him with their lightsaber. He hesitates a moment, breathing in rasps, then unexpectly whirls and grabs the lightsaber by its blade, pulling it out of it's owner's hand.

"In case you don't know this, I am also known for my lightsaber skills," he snarls. He leaps for the terrified bartender and swings. The bartender barely dodges, and one of his hands are sliced off.

((OOC: Please excuse my blood-thirsty attitude. Death Lord is bent on destruction. )

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