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Question rebornboss with saber staff

Ok guys, something for you to chew on.

I've been trying for the past two days, since reading about swapping player models and such, to get a face-on screenshot of the model i'm now using to play MP with (rebornboss). Since I can't get the "thereisnospoon" effect to work in MP, I decided to try in SP, since the model works there as well.

Here's my problem. The saber I use in MP is the double saber (staff), blue blades, last hilt in the list (always forget the name). When I try to change my Jaden model to the Rebornboss, it gives a single saber, apparently the one actually used by the NPC. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to change his saber to the same one I use for MP. I can get the Desann saber and some of the other "special" ones to work, but not the plain old saber staff. Any ideas on how I can do this? Or can it NOT be done?

Actually though, probably an easier method would be if the 'thereisnospoon' effect worked in MP, that way I wouldn't have to worry about all this saber business.

Any ideas?

BTW, I'm trying to make a desktop image out of all this. I know, I'm nerdy like that.
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