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""I need help on changing player models in SP mode so they also change in the cutscenes. I typed in "g_char_model (name of model)" in game and it worked to change the character in the cutscene except it's only the outline of the character. No color, just basically gray all over. Anyone know what I'm missing?

Also, through an accident my character ended up with a single saber in left hand and a saber staff in right, made for some cool screenshots but I can't figure out a way to make it happen again, anyone know?"""

All you have to do is open the player.npc file which is located in the assets0.pk3 in the base folder under ext_data/npcs. In there it has the line "playermodel player" just change the "player" to the name of the model you want to appear in the cutsceens. Pack it back up and pop it into the base folder and that should work for ya. It will only change the character in the cutsceens so you'll still need to do a playermodel swap once in game.
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