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Re: rebornboss with saber staff

Originally posted by dragon457
I've been trying for the past two days, since reading about swapping player models and such, to get a face-on screenshot of the model i'm now using to play MP with (rebornboss). Since I can't get the "thereisnospoon" effect to work in MP, I decided to try in SP, since the model works there as well.
No need to use "thereisnospoon" if all you want to do is position things for a screenshot. Use:

cg_thirdpersonangle degrees change the camera angle around your character. 0 degrees is the default, directly behind your character.

cg_thirdpersonvertoffset height raise or lower the camera. Default is 16. Note that you can put in negative numbers if you want a really low angle shot looking up.

cg_thirdpersonpitchoffset degrees pitch the camera up or down. While you can do this with mouselook, using this pitchOffset variable does it without having your character bend at the waist to look up or down.

cg_thirdpersonrange distance move the camera towards or away from your character. Default is 80.

There's a horizontal offset too if you want to frame your character to one side or the other for that artistic effect. Forget the exact spelling... type "cg_thirdperson" and hit tab a few times to cycle through all the camera commands.

Oh, and if you want to do an action shot, use "timescale 0.1" to slow things down to a crawl. I bound a couple keys to "timescale 0.1" and "timescale 1.0" for convenience.
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