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Wolrajh: Yeah, I figured out that the pivot just point to the blade base and has nothing to do with orientation. Complete exporter issues in there. I'm not fully understanding your alignment guide, but that's because I'm not used to reading about axis and the pic is confusing because you have your saber on its side in the front viewport. I used one of the original sabers as a guid to arrange(setup) my saber.

But the Tags are a very big, confusing issue at this point. Anyone can make them work, but it usually means messing around with them much longer then one should have to. What I do is align them much the same way you have, then check it in game to see which axis the blade is running along. I then go back to my model and make the necessary rotation changes. That's the only sure-fire method at this point. :\

I like your saber very much. I had the idea of doing that as well, only having the blades hand down so it looked like a whip. saber whip; that would be nifty.

To cover your last two questions: I'm not sure where the lightmap is for the ground and walls; I haven't looked for it. The left hand is a bit funky when it comes to a second saber. I think it has something to do with the way the model is "copied" to the left hand. The axis on the left hand (for the saber) might have been reversed, but the code for the saber might not have been corrected and in some cases might still act like a right handed saber; meaning, a 180 degree reversal to return to idle because the idle axis orientation is 180 degrees off. I've had that happen animating at times because I overlooked my keyframes when rotating objects.

cayqel: the '_spec.jpg' is for specularity. Basically it's a map that makes those areas of the saber.jpg really bright and shiny.

That makes me have to ask: Is the spec map applied automatically? I haven't seen reference to it in any of the standard areas (shader files for example). Or is it applied in Max and then somehow tied to the saber?
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