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Psynex : Actually I put the saber on its side in the front viewport - or in front in the left/right viewports ^^' - because the saber show the side view of the sabers when you select one. That means that you put the left side in the left viewport and the front side oin the front viewport, you'll get a laid saber in the preview when selecting it ingame About my 'guide', I forgot to say that every modifications, except if specified, are done in WORLD alignement. To rotate your blade along the X world axis like you would do in my left viewport on my pic, you must actually rotate it along the Y axis to get the desired effect ingame Kinda confusing, especially since I don't know the specialised english words to explain it clearly, sorry

About the spec files, I haven't tried yet. But I think it is applied in Max as well. The spec textures' format and elements positionnings are exactly the same as the common textures.... And you can affect a map to specular under Max as well. So I believe it is all work with Max. What I haven't really figured for now are the glow options. File format is different, so I don't know yet. Will see later, probably. Those two things, specular and glow, are what can truly make the differences between one common hilt and one good one
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