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Originally posted by Gith
Wow wait... Jan Gaarni said that A-Wings were not developed yet? How is that possible? In X-Wing game we are able to actually fly A-Wing even before destruction of the Death Star!
Hmm, yes, that is true, but we could also see Tie Interceptors before it was developed to.
Not to mention B-Wings if memory serves me right. And that one definatly was developed some time after the first Death Star was destroyed.

Bottom line, it's a game, it is very far down on the priority list of getting 'facts'.

The Tie Interceptor can be put in, cause it was developed very shortly after the first Death Star, and I guess there's no harm in adding the A-Wing to counter it.
But then again, maybe they'll only put in the Tie Interceptor and not the A-Wing. That would be much more fair for the Imperials.

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