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I wrote about 5 different post's and deleted them after I finished this one.'s what they said, in the very short version.

I don't like the name. The Harbor was a good name, was not hurting, killing, or maiming anyone, and it had to do with Monkey Island. The Name "The Harbor" was witty. It tied in our Piratey side and the fact that it was an offtopic forum, where people meet and discuss. I loved the Harbor. Perhaps it was lacking at times, but so Is my Grandmother, and she's still a very enjoyable lass.

The new name we've been given lacks "wit." It would be perfectly satisfactory if someone had a name SO GOOD that it would be necessary to change "The Harbor" at that exact moment. The one we've been given, in my opinion, seems as if we were forced to get a new name, and had to think up one on the spot. It could be funner, bouncier, Monkey Islander, and make it seem like it is actually a place where fun loving humans get together to chat about their lives.

That is my opinion. I am very open to criticism, changes, opinions, and cursing. Lay it on me if you feel the need.

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