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Arrow wow...37 posts in one day...impressive

anyway...i just came back here and now there's another 40 posts or whatever in i'll reply to a post that i would like to...

Btw Das Mole, if that pic is supposed to represent a Gravestone then it should be something like 2000 - 2003. :P's not a was a drawing i did earlier...and if you remember my thread about that picture...then you'll know it wasn't a gravestone.

i don't really have a problem with the name change myself, i just think that it was a little unexpected...and really unneeded...

but whatever. i still have this as "the harbor" under my list of favorites, so it's still the harbor to me, not life and how to live it. does that really count as a title? i know it has a noun in it, but all the adjectives and adverbs and verbs....and prepostitional phrases...and infintives and gerund phrases...?

and i don't think anybody will start a thread in the feedback forum because it's not that big of a deal...only to some people maybe...

i wonder what captain andy is going to say when she gets back...
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