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Windows XP Problem--help!


I just installed GF, and I have a very up to date computer with Windows XP and Direct X9 installed.

With 16-bit graphics mode on, 3D acceleration off, I still notice problems with the game. The intro ran fine but when you get to the office, if you press F1 for the options screen, half the time all sound and music is gone for the remainder of the time GF is open.

I did analyze the computer and there were flags all over the place and missing files. I took a suggestion to put the game in Win95 compatibility mode, and though the game now runs fine, the cutscenes are extremely choppy and thusly unwatchable.

How does Win95 compatibility mode affect the game's performance? But besides that, what can I do to play this game on XP? Please respond--i'd appreciate it. You can email me at:
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