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I have to disable Hyper Threading on my P4 3.0 GHz PC (1024 MB PC3200 ram, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, Windows XP Pro) in order for Grim to work properly. With HT enabled I had the same problems that batman55 described. With HT disabled the game seems to run flawlessly (no need for compatibility mode), although I've only played through year one so far on this PC.

EDIT: Oh, I am experiencing one strange problem. Whenever I launch GF (by clicking on "Play Grim Fandango"), instead of starting at the LA intro the game starts up at the last location I visited in my previous play session, except Manny's inventory is completely empty. I can load a saved game and continue playing without any problems, but there's no way to start a new game unless I uninstall/reinstall.


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