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Originally posted by Thrik teh flip
.. the name of the Harbour has been changed. Why does it even matter? It was changed because the people who run the forum decided so ..
any questions left eh? everything is fine. everything is still mi.

plus if "the chosen one" who runs this forum decides not to talk then it must be because "the chosen one" cant talk.

and i'm sure "the chosen one" likes to get treatened the way "the chosen one" treats .. "us". it must be "the chosen ones" all day experience.


[whiny creep voice]
sorry groovy.. but you must admit. noone will change anything just because of the users. users are least important for a forum. what you need is a click count for the advertisers.. that can be easily faked by a strong and powerful admin!! ez money .. less work.
[/whiny creep voince]

[mod voice]
now stop teh whining and get back to work.. err .. teh foruma fka teh harbor.
[/mod voice]

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