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Originally posted by Thrawn42689

Since most of you probably don't know this, what this guy is doing is totally and completely illegal. He is violating the intellectual copyright of the original authors of every single one of these skins, levels, and mods. Hopefully this "Total Convertion" as he calls it, will be removed from any site that hosts it. For more information, go to:

Thankfully, this thread seems to have the most intelligent people in it--the ones who actually noticed that he didn't make ANY of this.

Wudan: I respectively remind you of that German guy and the way he stole content from the AotC TC for his AotC Singleplayer Mod. This is the same thing.
Oh don't even bring seb(Crea) again he is a liar and a thief. His name makes me sick. That thief taking our stuff. Well any way back the subject this guy who ever you are should really ask permission cause its not good for your mod, you'll get a bad rep.


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