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The auto-aim in Infernal Machine bugged me though 'cause it was so short-range. When i'm dealing with armed enemies, I prefer to have the option to snipe at them from some reasonable distance. I don't appreciate having to run up to them and stab them with my gun (especially if they can see me coming and spray fire from 20 paces)

Originally posted by Wombat3
one hand controls movement, the other controls aim with the mouse.
I play with one hand over the arrow keys and the other over the Z key and the A & D keys (to strafe). It also lets me scroll through Force powers and inventory items and hit enter without breaking stride, and use other hotkeys at a moment's notice (especially useful for force-powers on the F_ keys). I've tried using only one hand on the keyboard, but my fingers end up getting tangled up.

I also tend to switch between saber and ranged weapons fairly frequently and quickly.

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