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We all want the search function back, trust me. Somebody posts about this at least once a week or we get feedback about it.

Basically the trouble is the server load is VERY HIGH from all the people coming for Jedi Academy. This means we have to do all we can to try to keep it stable.

The server function places a HEAVY LOAD on the server, and so for now it makes more sense for us to keep it disabled. Sorry.

In the past we disabled signatures, pics and avatars and of course that got a flood of complaints. In addition, compared to search, it really doesn't help a whole lot.

Two things may help this problem.. (other than things naturally settling down with JA visitors), getting a new and improved server (which of course costs $$$, something we don't have a lot of to fling around) for the forums, and upgrading to new hub software (which too costs $ and needs somebody to set it up, plus the down-time while we upgrade). The latter is more likely to happen soon than the former, but I'm not the one in charge of doing it, so I feel your pain...

Just be patient and hopefully things will be better. Right now there's nothing stopping you from going back 30 days and using the regular "find" features in your browser in the various pages going back. Remember JA only came out 2 weeks ago, and the demo came out 1 week before that, so you don't have that far to go back for official info.

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